chinese new year 2017

 Chinese New Year Ceremony 

1000 – Light  & An Tai Sui Dharma Rites

15th February  Starts 6pm

2018 An Tai Sui Rite.
If you are a

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Thursday, 15th Feb, 2018, 

6:00 PM Thousand-Light Dharma Rite
General Blessing for Health, Wealth,
and Good Luck for All Sentient Beings
7:30 PM Intermission (food and drinks)
8:00 PM An Tai Sui Dharma Rite
For those requesting to overcome obstacles
 brought by The Year of the Red Fire Rooster
8:45 PM Buddha Relic Blessing
A special blessing for those attending in person

There is no need to be present, our prayers will reach you wherever you are.

How can you participate? FREE to attend. Everyone Welcome!

chinese new year 2017

Thousand Light
Dharma Rite

Dari Rulai Temple offers this Dharma Rite each year on Chinese New Year’s Eve for the benefit of All Sentient Beings. We invite those who attend the ceremony in person to offer one or more of the 1000 lights for themselves and loved ones, and wish for good luck to help make the forthcoming year a great year!

There is no offering required to take part in this ceremony.

An Tai Sui Dharma Rite 

On the Eve of Chinese New Year, Buddhists around the world perform an An Tai Sui Dharma Rite to help people whose signs are in conflict with the New Year. The Dari Rulai Fa Yin Temple will be connecting it’s An Tai Sui rite with those at the Dari Rulai  Temple in Los Angeles and the Yong He Gong Temple in China.  In 2018, the Year of the Rooster, the following Chinese Zodiac signs will benefit from the An Tai Sui Rite.

Dog, Dragon, Ox, Sheep

 (To find out what sign you are Click Button Below)

In Chinese astrology…

Every year is governed by a zodiac sign. Your luck, success, and prosperity is affected by the ruling zodiac sign of the current year. If your personal zodiac sign does not have a favorable relationship with the sign of the current year, it can cause challenging circumstances throughout the year.

One way to understand this is to realise that as we journey through life we all encounter ”bumps/potholes” in the road.

The Chinese Zodiac is a method to help us foresee these bumps. It is based on a twelve year cycle, each year in that cycle is related to an animal sign. As you head into a New Year, you look to see if your sign is going to have an easy and harmonious relationship with the energy, Taisui, of the year .

When the Chinese zodiac sign (animal) of a person clashes with the ”Taisui” of a particular year, that person can face more challenges in his or her undertakings during the year ie more bumps or deeper potholes in the road.

One way of mitigating such difficulties is to register for a “An Tai sui – safe year” service. This will not remove the bumps in the road but will make your journey through them easier 

This ceremony extinguishes personal spiritual obstacles, and creates good spiritual cause for overflowing financial resources; extinguishes disasters, suffering, and difficulties.

To benefit from the Rite you need to  register. If you register by 11th February then you will also be included  in the An Tai Sui service  at one of the Worlds most renowned  Buddhist Temples – Yong He Gong temple

New Year’s Spiritual Blessing Lamps

Receive spiritual blessing and assistance throughout the year. Anyone, regardless of birth year, can request to have one or more special lamps lit on the behalf of themselves or a loved one.

Safe & Well Lamp :Blessing for health and good luck.
Asking for Wealth Lamp : Blessing for abundance and prosperity.
Longevity Lamp : Prayer for long life.
Great Merit Lamp : Propitiation to Buddhas for success with dharma practice and to attain wisdom.
Career Lamp : Blessing for good luck with child or grand-child’s career.

Buddha Relic Blessing

and New Year’s meditation

Relics can purify an incredible amount of negative karma.
Relics are the Enlightened Beings means for passing on blessings of their body, speech and mind.


There is no offering required to take part in this ceremony.

An Tai Sui Registration

Register by 11th Feb to have the name also included in the An Tai Sui rites at the World Renowned Yong He Gong temple in China  and our sister Temple the Dari Rulai Temple in Los Angeles.

Please use donate button below to make a £32 An Tai Sui donation and give us the Full Name and Date Of Birth in the Paypal message to seller box.

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Please note:
If your birth dates are in January or February please confirm  Zodiac sign before continuing

Lamp Registration

Please use donate button below to make a £108 An Tai Sui donation and give us the Full Name, Date Of Birth and Type Of Lamp in the Paypal message to seller box.

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